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In this episode, I am joined by my good friend @Aliwestcoach. In this conversation, we go into all things Mind, Body and Spirit.


We talk about bringing more intention to our daily lives. Creating morning and evening routines and the benefits of doing them. How to live more intentionally from the foods that we eat to the programmes we watch.


Ali talks about his journey of self-awareness, how he found spirituality and how that interlinks with health and fitness. I really enjoyed this conversation and I think it has some great takeaways from it to help you on your journey.

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In this episode I am joined by Dominic to talk about all things Running, Nutrition, Barefoot movement and Mental Health.

We talk about Dom's experience in club running where he ran distances from 5km up to Ultra distances, why he moved on from club running and how he found the barefoot movement.


We also discuss his nutritional journey from SAD to Paleo to Carnivore/ Meat-based. Dominic also shares his experience with poor Mental Health through a tough time in his life where he experienced depression and how he came out the other side.

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In this episode I discuss my journey to living alcohol free. I decided to give up drinking alcohol 2 years ago and it has been and continues to be an exciting, sometimes scary journey to fulfilment.


I talk about my reasons for giving up, the obstacles I faced and the results I have found so far. I discuss the pitfalls of alcohol and our binge drinking culture to bring some awareness to the topic and help bring some better understanding.

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In this Episode I am joined by my friend Craig to talk about health, wellness, purpose, society and the meaning of life. We talk about our philosophy for health and wellness, what we can each focus on to improve our lives as well as what barriers society provides us for optimal health.


What is the solution to our health problems? Who is responsible? Are we on the brink of social change and where is humanity headed? Just a few of the topic areas we discuss.


This episode is a short informative one designed to give you a good base understanding of exactly what Mindset is and how it impacts your life. We discuss the two main types of Mindset Fixed vs Growth according to Carol Dweck and then we apply this to different situations in life.


The episode should leave you with a clearer view of how important Mindset is and exactly why developing a growth Mindset will be a valuable investment of your time.

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In this Episode I am joined by my friend Simon Rollings to talk about all things presenting, influencing and confidence while also addressing authenticity and vulnerability.


I really enjoyed this conversation as we go into various areas of being authentic and honest, including the battle we men face with toxic masculinity and mental health. We then discuss how these link to and can be helped by becoming confident while vulnerable leading to the most authentic version of you.


In this episode I am once again joined by Joe as we discuss our recently completed 50 Mile Ultra Marathon. We talk about how we got on during the Ultra, our plans for future challenges and how and why we got into long-distance running.


We then discuss some of what’s going on in the current climate, just our thoughts and feelings and why it’s so important to tend your own garden and keep focusing on small things that you can positively impact.

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In this episode, I am joined by my friend Joe Frost a fellow “Mindset enthusiast” who is always up for any challenge that pushes him mentally and physically.


So when I mentioned I was challenging myself to run two marathons in one weekend Joe stepped up straight away and joined me.


This episode we talk about the marathons, what mindset means to Joe, his time as a Paratrooper in the Military and how he manages his Physical and Mental health.


On This episode I am joined by my good friend Paul as we chat about my journey so far which led me to discover the power of Mindset and give context to the podcast and brand Make Ready.

We talk about my transformation as a teen losing 4 stone in a year sparking my journey into health and fitness. How I got into Martial arts and compete in MMA as well as look at other areas to physically and mentally push myself. We discuss the power of a growth Mindset and why Mental Health awareness is so important to me.

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