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Mindset a new psychology of success By Carol Dweck
Can't Hurt Me by David Goggins

This is  an excellent book going into detail on the two main forms of Mindset the Fixed vs Growth. Full of research, evidence and examples I personally found it insightful and entertaining. If you want to develop an optimal Mindset, start hear.

Highly recommend the audible version as it's full of added diagloge and you can listen while running! Goggins has an incredible story and achieves beyond what many think is  humanly possible. How? A self belief and Mindset able to overcome the wildest of feats. Inspiring, exciting, fascinating and this will help unlock a desire for more within you!

That Will Never Work by Marc Randolph

Ever been told something is  a bad idea? Even when you really believe in it. Ever wanted to start a business but not sure if it will work? I have and Marc Randolf too and he went on to found Netflix. Again I listened to the audible book and found it fantastic, insightful and entertaining. A story of positive Mindset and self belief.

The Art of Resilience by Ross Edgely

This book is awesome! Combination of my favourite things. Philosophy, sport science and inspiring personal journey. This will help inspire and give you some actionable tools to build up your own resilience for anything you want to achieve.

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People to Follow

The Rock. The hardest worker in the room. From wrestling to Hollywood, from the director to multiple business owner and brand starter. On top of that he is  humble, honest and set's a great example for anyone aspiring to better themselves.

Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu
David Googins

Tom Bilyeu the co-founder of billion dollar supplement business Quest Nutrition. Tom is  all about Mindset and Health and pesues his purpose in helping others unlock their potential by harnessing the power of the Mind and Body

Ex Navy Seal baddass turned Ultra runner. turned best selling author.  He takes no shit and hits you with hard hitting truths to help you take responsability for your life stop making excuses. Follow him and stay hard!

Ross Edgely

From Completing a Treeathlon. A triathlon while lugging around a tree!To of course being the first person to swim around the. UK Ross is  the embodiment of a strong positive Mindset. Worth a follow to be inspired with his latest shinangians! 

Wim Hof

The Ice Man himself! For all things Cold exposure you have to follow him! Holder of multiple world records he is shows the incredible ability of the human mind and body. He is a prime example of how human intuition and nature is still ahead of science.

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The Make Ready Podcast

Of course I have to put the MRP at the top of the list. Every episode we talk about all things Mindset, Lifstyle and Mental Health. I appreciate every listen, like and share so be sure to subscribe.

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