Books on Mindfulness

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tollie

This is  an excellent book going into detail on the two main forms of Mindset the Fixed vs Growth. Full of research, evidence and examples I personally found it insightful and entertaining. If you want to develop an optimal Mindset, start hear.

Buddhism for Beginners by Jack Kornfield

Highly recommend the audible version as it's full of added diagloge and you can listen while running! Goggins has an incredible story and achieves beyond what many think is  humanly possible. How? A self belief and Mindset able to overcome the wildest of feats. Inspiring, exciting, fascinating and this will help unlock a desire for more within you!

Becoming Nobody by Ram Dass


Heart Wisdom Podcast with Jack Kornfield

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I need to listen to 3 of these to form an opinion


I need to listen to 3 of these to form an opinion


Ever been told something is  a bad idea? Even when you really believe in it. Ever wanted to start a business but not sure if it will work? I have and Marc Randolf too and he went on to found Netflix. Again I listened to the audible book and found it fantastic, insightful and entertaining. A story of positive Mindset and self belief.

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