How it Started

Hi! I'm Daniel or Dan (but never Danny) and I am behind the brand Make Ready.


The brand began as a means to represent a journey. How  Mindset can be used to create a Lifestyle that supports getting the most from life. While addressing the important topic of Mental Health.


As a competitive mixed martial artist myself, I believe in stepping outside of our comfort zone to develop our mindset in order to get the most out of life. (Don't worry I won't be suggesting you enter a cage fight!)

I set out to create a brand that is authentic and honest and that helps people along on their journey.

What began as ideas for a clothing brand has taken a turn into the world of blogging. What better way could I narrate this journey than to write about it?

My goal is to share my story and journey and share information that I feel will inspire, inform and motivate you along on our own path!

Please remember that everything I say is  generally based on my own experience and own opinion and although I will reference experts I do encourage you all to do your own research.

If you like what I write...fantastic, review, subscribe and share..


If you don't like it? That's ok too, you're entitled to your own opinion just keep it to yourself! ;)

I hope my writing serves a purpose and the brand begins to resonate with you as it develops and as you understand the journey that brought it here and pushes it forward.


Remember it's your journey that matters not the destination so remember to enjoy it and don't take yourself, everyone and everything so seriously!


The 3 Ways Of Make Ready

  Mindset             Mindfulness          Lifestyle

With Make Ready I'll link back to 3 main areas I have identified that help create a positive life.

- Mindset is  our driving force behind our decisions and attitude towards life. It is  something we can develop and improve and in turn assists us in everything that we do!

- Mindfulness is  the practice of being in the present, being here now. It's not all meditation! It  is  a practice to truly be in the present and be mindful of what we are doing. If we are mindful of what we are doing then we are aware and this will lead to good choices.

- Lifestyle is  something that you choose to create. There are different areas that I look at however the overriding idea is  that we can bring our Mindset and Mindfulness to address our Lifestyle in order to help us live how we want and have a fulfilled life.  

I will be discussing these areas in my content and blogs. With our guests and their journeys as well as my own I aim to give you as much value and tips as possible to enhance your own journey!

Let's talk about Mental Health

I just know that it's sometimes hard to recognise when something is wrong. Mental Health affects us all. Including us blokes whether we admit it or not. So as part of the journey I want to advocate that people speak up and reach out if they need help.

It's ok to be vulnerable. Yes it feels weird at first however, there is huge strength in being vulnerable speaking about our feelings. If you think you need help then reach out to friends or family, failing that there are some fantastics charities that provide someone to talk to. 






Don't bottle it up, Things will get better, the clouds will pass. Have faith.

Love first. Always. Make Ready.

Daniel x


Our Mindset impacts all aspects of our life which is why looking after Mental Health is so important. 

I'm not here to preach.

I'm not here to tell you what to do.

© 2020 Make Ready 

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